Thursday, November 29, 2007

a vision...continued

more details later....

it's later....time for more details.

So here's how it went down:

I was standing at the end of my balcony, thinking about this project and very faintly I heard a voice telling me to tape myself over completely with one hand available to cut myself out with scissors. It said to do this outside in the par across the street from Columbia's main buildings. The voice told me to hang the sculpture I had made over my taped body and that the rest was up to me.

I can't tell you where this came from, or who it was, but I like to believe that Ana Mendieta was speaking to me. Especially since she was such a spiritual person, and I'm not really (but working on it)'s that much weirder for me. I like things to be explainable, but this definitely isn't so I'm just letting it be what it was.

I chose to follow these instructions but strayed from them in that I did this inside because of my recent illness and it being below freezing right now. I'm not sure if this was the most beneficial decision as it pertains to the performance, but personally it was the best decision for my health.

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