Monday, October 22, 2007


I've been at a kind of stalemate with this project lately. I think it is probably a reflection of life circumstances lately that I am having trouble making a desision with how to proceed.

I'm being led by my intuition that I don't really want to contact others surrounding Ana Mendieta. I feel that when I read her words, experience her work (albeit through the medium of books), and filter through some of her published letters and interviews that I am having a direct conversation with her.

I keep hoping that she will come to me in a dream.

The thought just occured to me to see if any museums around Chicago or NY are exhibiting some of her work currently. Maybe I can get a more direct experience of her work that way.

If I find that something is exhibited I may take some tarot cards with me to throw while I sit in front of the work.

I keep telling myself that this is a process. I would love to complete everything today, but like everything else it takes time and I can only do today what I can do to my ability. Here's to hoping a museum in Chi has something of hers.

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